Keys To Being Your Own Boss

Girl Boss
           A person who organizes and operates a business or business, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.
Everyone is not cut out to be an entrepreneur. Being that it's so many challenges that will be thrown at you, you have to have the mindset that this business will succeed or my family won't eat. All of the major companies; Google, Amazon, Apple, all started with a person taking a leap of faith and working hard for something they believed in. Five keys to being your own boss:
1. Establish goals
Make a list of all of what you want to accomplish. Start from the smallest goal to the big kahuna of your goals. Make realistic goals. You can't try to achieve goals out of your reach. Knowing your goals is key to setting expectations and establishing revenue targets.
2. Have an early client base
Knowing or having an idea who your client or customer is a good start and if you already have customers that's even better. That gives you a sense of security when you do decide to quit your full-time job. 
3. Have a support system
If you are married, single, divorced or widowed, you have to have a support system. When those rough days come when you want to give up, you need someone in your ear to help push you and detour your thoughts away from giving up. 
4. All or Nothing Mentality
To succeed you have to break away from the corporate mentality or having something to fall back on. Have faith and keep pushing. 
5. Expect to fail
50% of new business fail in the first five years. *Shocker right*. No one will get it right on the first try. And you will get the answer "NO" so many times. But do not let any of that affect your business goal. Keep striving and keep going. Failure is a bad word in business. But as an entrepreneur, you're going to have your share of it. 
Fun Fact: Mom's Make the Best Entrepreneurs
Leave a comment or two if you are starting or have started your own business. 

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  • I have been second guessing myself ,about putting my designs on social media are not . I have been designing hats, clothes and accessories for about 10 years are more, until I have been seeing your website ,facebook, and twitter pages and I can feel your passion come across the pages. I can tell that you love what you do. I just want to say Thank you for your inspiration and encouragement. You never know who you may influence along this journey called LIFE! Keep up the good work.


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