It's getting cooler, bundle up!

The temperatures are dropping and the leaves are falling and the coat or jacket from the previous season does not fit your child anymore and it has left you scrambling the stores looking for the right jacket. Well don't worry, Playground Couture has you covered. We have an excellent selection of trendy outerwear pieces for boys and girls.

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Photo: Tarah Moto Jacket & Varsity Soft Knit Cardigan 

As a mom, I understand the difficulty in shopping for outerwear. You want to make sure that you are buying a product that will sustain the cold air and also something your child won't grow out of in a month.

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Photo: Baby Bloomers & So Blessed Tee

The Perfect Fit

When purchasing outerwear, we suggest that you always order a size up. You have to be mindful that your kid will have layers of clothes underneath and you don't want their jacket to be too tight that they can't move in it properly.

Climate Control

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Photo: Keep Me Warm Fur Jacket 

Some states, similar to Texas won't get to experience a full "Winter" where it is below 10 degrees and 3 feet of snow is outside of their windows.  We here in Texas haven't experienced snow in a while. So our kids, don't have to have super heavy outerwear for Winter. But a good coat is needed and a nice pair of mittens and hat will keep them warm while waiting for the school bus. 

kids outerwear

Photo: Varsity Soft Knit Cardigan


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Photo: Casual Boy's Blazer


Layering 101

As the weather changes, layering will be essential in keeping your little ones warm. Depending on how cold your state gets, determines how many layers your kid should wear. The basic layers that are needed are a base layer, middle layer, and outer layer. These layers can vary from child to child, but they will be a key asset in making sure they are warm. 

baby clothes

Photo: Ivy League Baby Jumpsuit

kid's clothes

Photo: Do Not Disturb Zip Up Hoodie 


Also, let's not forget to keep your pantry stocked with hot chocolate and marshmallows for those chilly nights when you and your family will gather around the fireplace.

When you shop with Playground Couture, we will provide excellent customer service and don't forget when shopping, you will receive free shipping on all orders over $50.





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