Back 2 School Shopping : How to Save Money

 back to school shopping tips

The Summer has come and gone and we are gearing to send our precious babies back to school (insert a praise dance) lol. Don't get me wrong, I love my babies and I enjoy being around them, but those hours, while they are in school is a well-needed break. The first thing when parents talk about when getting their kids ready for back to school is school clothes shopping. I want to provide you with a few tips that will save your pockets and still get the well-needed amount of clothes for your kids.

Forbes estimates back to school spending for parents can exceed $1000 on average. I'm a budget-friendly mom, and the most I will spend on clothes for back to school is $300. I will spend $150 for my son and $150 for daughter. How can you do the same you asked? Well, If you follow these simple steps, you can too.

If you think about it, when the kids go back to school, it is still very hot, especially in Texas where we live. Majority of their summer clothes can roll over into "school clothes". I will buy; a couple pairs of shorts, a couple shirts, one or two pairs of jeans and a light jacket so when it does begin to get chilly we will be prepared.

1. Coupons:

A lot of retailers are clearing their summer stock so now is a good time to shop. Playground Couture currently has a sale for 50% off the entire website. Use code: SUMMER. Ends Friday 7/27/18.

2. Tax-Free Shopping Weekends:

Tax-free weekend in Texas starts 8/10-8/12. Find out what will be included and what's not. 

3. Donation Drives

A lot of school districts and local communities have backpack drives, school supply drives. If you need help, don't be afraid to get help. Look up on the web to see what donation drives are happening in your area.

4. Sell Old Clothes

You can sell your kids old clothes that they no longer fit at local consignment stores. I am an advocate of this, I sell my kids clothes all throughout the year, either on PoshMark or at a consignment shop. 

5. Shop Online

Deals that are online, are typically better than deals in the store. And who wouldn't like shopping from the couch? You don't have to deal with long lines, crying babies and overcrowded food courts. 

I hope these few steps will help you get the most bang for your buck this back to school shopping season.



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