10 Summer Must Haves For Moms and Kids

Summer Must Haves

The summer is here, again and there's so much to do in these little three months or if you live in Texas like we do, four months. (HAHA) I have composed a list of must-haves for my fellow moms and kids.

1. Sunscreen. It's a MUST. Not all sunscreens are created equal. With so many sunscreens on the market, I personally like the Neutrogena brand. It has a SPF of 70+ for the kids and there's one for mom with 100 SPF. You always have to reapply sunscreen, so pile it on. 

Neutrogena Sunscreen

2. Swimwear. The perfect swimsuit will set the tone for your pool day. It has to be cute, but comfortable for mom and the kids. Who wants to be uncomfortable at the pool? 

girls swimsuitwomen swimsuit

3. Water. The kind you play in and drink. It's a must you and your kids stay hydrated. With the temps increasing, your water intake should too. More water makes your skin even more flawless, so drink up. 

drinking water

4. Sunglasses. When the blazing sun is beaming down on you, the perfect shades are needed. Playground Couture have some breakable sunglasses that's 100% UVA/B&C shatter resistant protectant. We have four choices you can choose from.


Kid Sunglasses5. Summer OutfitIt's time to show off those legs you've been working on in the gym all Winter. A simple outfit for your kids is ideal, so shop some cool tops and dresses for your little girl, or something more sporty for your son with us at Playground Couture. 

Girls Summer Outfit

6. Popsicles. They are going to keep you happy and your kids. But make sure the kids get the sugar free popsicles, we don't want any cavities. 

7. Handheld Fans. On those hot days and you were counting on the wind to give you a little breeze, just pull out your handheld fan. There's so many you can choose from. There are even kinds that will give you a mist with your breeze. 

8. Shoes. Sandals are ideal, but anything with the toes out and that will allow your feet to breath. Crocs and sneakers with velcro are great for young kids, no shoestrings, no problem. Crocs can be used at the pool or running around in the yard. Something easy and comfortable is the go to.

9. Hats. Great for blocking the sun and keeping you semi cool. Visors are making a comeback, so grab a few and make a statement while staying cool.

10. First Aid Kit. You just never know when you may need it. Kids are very adventurous and like to explore, so just be prepared when they are in need of their super hero mom, super hero kit. 

Comment below on some of your essentials you just can't live without.





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